Café / Lounge YliCool is an innovative and a unlike café in the heart of Tartu.

For two consecutive years, Ylicool has been nominated as top three family restaurants in gastronomy competition called Silverspoon, which is often referred to as Estonian olympics of gastronomy. We are really proud and happy about this accomplishment.

Our kitchen appreciates local raw produce, creativity and hard work. Combination of the previous delivers dishes, which truly feel like a heaven in your mouth.

YliCool has one the the biggest and nicest playrooms amongst other restaurants in Tartu. Playroom has plenty of activities for older as well as younger children. Furthermore, YliCool has a “mother-child room” in which it is possible to change diapers and breastfeed.

YliCool has designed dishes especially for babies, which is a unique phenomen in Estonia. Dishes are designed for children from the age of 4 months. Menu includes vegetable mashes with and without meat of different sorts, fruit mashes and chips, all suitable for babies. All dishes are gluten- and lactose-free, sugar- and salt-free as well as do not include any preservatives and are prepared from fresh and good quality raw produce.

Urpo – The creator of YliCool, Chef de Cuisine, spiritual father and leader. Very skilled as a chef, extremely creative, loves cooking and does it with great passion. Fastidious as a boss, being the reason everything works out wonderful. The dishes prepared by him taste wonderful and never ceases to amaze the customers. When needed, a psychologist, social worker, cleaner, dish washer, waiter, supplier, host, a bank, repairman, babysitter, sewer. Life and soul of every party! A man for all seasons!

Henri – Urpo's right hand man in the kitchen. Henri is the kind of chef on who you can always count on. He does not sleep in, always at the right place at the right time, ready to work fingers to the bone. Keeps giggling and working like a horse at the same time. Henri eats stress for breakfast and prepares it well. Perfect companion for important or difficult caterings, or actually, all caterings that leave the building… or actually everywhere, even outside of work.

Janar – Dedicated to the work in YliCool. Eager to learn, cooperative and has a huge heart. Old seadog, who has cooked meals on different ships and has now landed in YliCool. Fun and nice companion outside of work. When needed, babysits, when needed drinks up! Life of the party, IRREPLACABLE!